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Future of Money is ….

You cant be sitting at home and thinking you can remain locked forever. Sooner or later you will need to step out and start to roll back in the money race once again. However, the world is changing, and finding the money will not be easy if you don’t change as per the new vacuum.

We are all dependent on others to pay us so we can manage our expenses. Somehow the entire population learned to depend on an income source that takes care of filling our pockets. In return, we offer our time(as an employee), our services, our products, or our expertise. To be able to give something for money we are sent to school to educate ourselves and be learned enough. When you come to think of it, this whole process is a vicious cycle and people get trapped in it unknowingly.

The money that we have learned to earn, might not come to us now onwards in the future. The work culture is changing, people are finding new ways of solving their problems. Companies may shift traditional ways of working. More reliability on technology will reduce the use of many services that were hired earlier. Industry demand shortages are already making people jobless.

I have done some deep thinking and found that the incomes and expenses both will reduce for mostly everyone. As much as one would want to go back to the old Jobs or business income, the reality will be different. The best way to deal with the change is to create more avenues to earn money. Now if you think someone else will come to help you, then wake up. No, the government won’t feed you all life. Your friends won’t either. Families too. You are on your own, more importantly, you may be the only hope of those dependent on you. But its not that difficult, all you need to do is look and start taking risks.

There are few ways to increase your income, you could also try some of them:

1. Get your hands dirty. You may have a certain skill that you can use to solve problems for others, like painting, sculpting, gardening. Even if you don’t know, there are many things which can be learned very quickly over the internet. Lots of free useful courses available. Don’t feel shy about doing that for some extra money. You are only doing this to put your income stream at an all-time best. And if you are thinking you are the white color guy and can’t do manual work, then let’s be clear that your white color couldn’t get you enough savings to last this situation.

2. Find a niche and build on that online. Get your act together and build a product that is based on your experience. You are good at what you do and only you can do it better in the way you do it. So, that makes you unique. Now put all your knowledge together and make a Course which you can sell for a price online. There are various platforms available where you can sell your course and build a passive income for your self.

3. Write a book. You can surely write something and make a story that can be published on various platforms. The simplest way is to publish an ebook and you can write, edit, and format it. You can not only make money selling ebooks but you can also use the book to build your brand and charge extra from your earlier job as an expert now.

4. Get a garage sale business set up. You could make so much money selling unused things on your own. Now maybe the best time to get rid of all that extra stuff which you no longer need. These are your invested things which you bought when you could afford them and they have served the purpose. Selling it doesn’t mean you are poor, neither you have to feel bad about it. It’s better in many ways, it’s your own money. Even if you don’t get some value from it, the money that it derives is good enough in the situation. You can buy them again when you have more money.

5. Use your own network to grow other’s business. Everyone has some network, big or small depends on how socially active you have been so far. If you are of the type to not have any people on your social network yet then also it’s not too late and you can start building from now on. You can now reach out to companies and brands that are always looking to promote something they are selling. You can act as an affiliate to them and get paid a small percentage if anyone from your audience goes and buys that product or service.

6. Start a recession free business. There are many ways to build a business which can continue to make money even when the whole world is facing tough times. For eg Waterproofing is one such business which can be learned quickly. It’s Something which can always find you clients. There are many such small businesses which can become side incomes along with what you do. International School of Business Ownership offers many courses that help you achieve quick business learnings and start your own business.

7. Give reviews and make money. Find where you can get paid for giving good reviews online. Various new launches for products require people to give them reviews and in return get paid small amount. If you do it passionately and dedicatedly then there’s a definite passive income you can generate for yourself.

As much as I love my Coffee..

Future of money is in your own hands. Do not blame it to the pandemic or recession. It’s A very old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” and this is the exact time for using this quote and implement it in your life.

Coffee and Sugar

As much as I love my coffee, I don’t wish to have more of it anymore. The coffee is going to be my biggest betrayal. I have loved my coffee at nights, mornings, or afternoons and I never said no to an offer for it. Before meal coffee, after meal coffee, empty stomach coffee, good weather coffee, THE DATE coffee, or just the simple machine coffee. Any type of coffee can go inside as I relish every sip of it.

Unfortunately, it comes at a high cost of Sugar intake. I know you just smiled.. yes you, I know you like your coffee without or less sugar but that’s not my concern. My coffee has to be with a perfect quantity of sugar. Anything less is not my coffee. And that’s why when I take more cups in a day I am now at risk of getting diabetic. Yea, my dad’s been a diabetic for long and yes I may get it too. I can’t even focus anymore on a way out of this. I tried taking other options for my coffee. the nearest competitor to it was Water. don’t laugh. that’s the truth. There’s no option for coffee other than coffee itself. So my dad suggested I take the sugar-free tablets. To be honest, I would have taken them but isn’t that for old people, I am still young… So what, if I have a lot of grey hairs already and that every millennial I have come across has called me an uncle by mistake(winks).

My coffee made me realize that people do so many stupid things to stay healthy. All those with whom I discussed my concern with Sugar intake has given me their routine starting from Yoga, to running or aerobics and even walks, twice a day, 10000 steps. People do a lot of work to be able to consume a lot of stuff. It’s a give and take going on at a different level. I decided to float the same boat and took membership in a Gym. I started some workouts and it was all good soon. I was sweating it out, all that sugar gets burned I am sure. During the lockdown, my Gym friend texts me “ Hey, we miss that coffee post-workout with you” … makes me realize the whole Gym takes more coffee now as I introduced them to my Coffee machine vendor when I joined and the bugger put up his machine in there with other Juices. But that was an innocent thing, I had no intention of actually making everyone take coffee.

Anyways, The coffee might not be there forever .. Let me just get my cup of the night as typing this blog post got me craving.

My story: I was the youngest of of 3 brothers because of which I was pampered a little extra. Having 2 elder brothers gives you an advantage over many things life has to offer. I started realizing that quiet early as a small kid when I never got bullied because most of the times when someone tried doing that they were reminded of my 2 power houses having my back. This gave me that added confidence in handling situations with a command rather than being scared of the outcome. I grew up seeing my elder brother’s & their friends at school and learned everything about friendships, fighting, fun and entertainment. We never needed anything but our own company to keep us busy all day long while growing up. I was a street smart boy and would find my way through things easily. I made childhood friends who are still as close to me like we were back in those days. The long school years with a gang to cherish have been my greatest memories. We fought like lions with everyone for no reason but for the fun of it. We had so much energy and passion towards growing up as youth that we never cared of outcomes.

To be continued…….

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